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Looking Glass Jeep Tours

We are a personal tour company that can give you a memorable, unique experience while visiting local cities and tourist attractions. Our restored US Army Jeeps are the key to get you close enough to enjoy the beauty of Vietnam.

We are located in DaNang, the center of the country, and operate most of our tours out of Hue and Hoi An. People come to Vietnam from all over the world to experience its charm and beauty, and we believe the best way to do that is from an open top jeep. It is amazing how friendly and cheerful people are when you drive around in a jeep. In a jeep you can interact with the locals and enjoy the mountain scenery unobstructed.

There are many ways to get around Vietnam, but in an open jeep you are part of the countryside.You are experiencing Vietnam, not merely passing through it.

    Book your tour in person

Our booking office is located inside Tam’s Pub and Surf Shop

38 An Thuong 5, Bac My An Beach DaNang, VietNam


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